Firmware BeoSound 9000

Firmware BeoSound 9000

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Firmware til Bang & Olufsen BeoSound 9000, v3.42.
Dette er den seneste version, som bl.a. mulligør brug af option 5 og option 6.
N.Music er implementeret.

Model/Varenr.: 31120101
Vægt: 0.1 kg.

Firmware for Bang & Olufsen BeoSound 9000, v3.42.

This firmware can be used to upgrade all BeoSound 9000's to support N.MUSIC 

BeoSound 9000 type 252x produced from April '96 (MkI) and Beosound 9000 type 256x (MkII) produced from September '98 simply require a software update. It is achip change, and although the software level may change from time to time the part number remains the same - which is 8344087.

BeoSound 9000 type 257x (MkIII) produced from June '01 was released fully compatible and therefore no need for any upgrades.


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